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09 October 2006

Zhuanshi Clan

The Zhuanshi Clan are an ancient faction descended from the dragon kings who ruled at the birth of the continent. Their emperors are the children of the gods and the rightful rulers of the visible world. It is their duty to rid this world of the Demon threat from the West and resume their position on the dragon throne. The Zhuanshi Clan hold the true Emperor and the Peacock Throne. They were once a mighty nation and will be so again. The rebellious Yuwan Clan and all other nations will fall under their sublime rule!

The Zhuanshi Clan start in a strong position as far as numbers of provinces go but the Yuwan Clan has the richest provinces in the region. The Yuwan Clan are their natural enemies but richer lands lie to the southwest too. The Clan is poor and must fill it's coffers for the coming war.

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…Just when you thought it was safe to enter into aggressive dynastic struggles in the orient…