Puts the L into Lotus

25 September 2006

Download Blue Lotus 1.0 beta 1 for Rome Total War 1.5


  1. Install clean version of RTW (NOTE BL overwrites RTW so best to make a seperate copy).
  2. Download and install patch 1.3 http://www.totalwar.com/en/support/supportrome.html
  3. Download and install patch 1.5 http://www.totalwar.com/en/support/supportrome.html
  4. Download Vercingetorix's PAK extractor tool. http://www.twcenter.net/downloads/db/?act=mod&id=43
  5. Copy the contents of the unpaker into Data/packs in your clean version of RTW 1.5.
  6. Run the .bat file and let run completely. this may take a while. After its done you'll see a new data folder in the packs directory.
  7. CUT or MOVE (not copy) this new Data folder and paste it over the root Data folder allowing it to overwrite everything. NOTE: There should be no Data folder left in Packs.
  8. Go back to the packs folder and rename all the pak files remaining (except the patch_0 and patch_1) You can just rename them with a couple of xx in the front ie sprites_1.pak rename to xxsprites_1.pak
  9. Download Blue Lotus and copy it's Data folder over the Data folder in the root.
    - mirror 1 - The Lordz (RAR): http://lordz.thelordz.co.uk/downloads/Blue_Lotus/BLUE_LOTUS_BETA_V1.0.rar
    - mirror 2 - Urke @ FileFront (7Z): http://files.filefront.com/Blue_Lotus_beta_1007z/;5150536;;/fileinfo.html
  10. Install music patch (see readme in music download for install instructions)
    - mirror 1 - The Lordz (RAR): http://lordz.thelordz.co.uk/downloads/Blue_Lotus/BLUE_LOTUS_MUSIC.rar
    - mirror 2 - Urke @ FileFront (7Z): http://files.filefront.com/Blue_Lotus_music_7z/;5152111;;/fileinfo.html
  11. Run Rome, go to Imperial Campaign. Enjoy. REMEBER TO SAVE BEFORE EACH TURN. Random AI crashes can occur in this version.
  12. Please report bugs at the Blue Lotus subforum.
  13. FIXES: http://forums.totalwar.org/vb/archive/index.php/t-79393.html

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