Puts the L into Lotus

29 September 2006

Awards & Reviews


TWC Modder Awards Summer 2006 Best Fantasy Mod

Org Awards 2005 Honorable Mention for Most Promising Mod

Org Awards 2005 Best Artist (Hoggy)

Org Awards 2005 RunnerUp for Outstanding RTW Modder (Hoggy)


“holy crap. That is a very good looking mod. Almost like a brand new game.”
"great groundbreaking mod"
"the game is beautiful and the artists went mad, so to speak"
"a truly artistic masterpiece which breathes a breath of fresh air into the modding community. I strongly encourage all of you to try it out yourselves and download the beta"
The Eagle Standard @ TWC

"reserve your judgement until you see the absolutely orgasmic screenshots"
Tmstevens @ dooyoo

"You should probably pay more attention to the mod community, you know. Especially when they’re putting out games of this quality."
"If anyone from Creative Assembly is reading this - you should probably hire these guys."

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