Puts the L into Lotus

09 October 2006

Yomi Empire

The Earth is splitting, the ghost planes are meeting, powerful incantations summon us to the land of weakling kin. We must answer our nature and destroy them all! They shall be driven like chaff in the wind before us and that wind will echo with the sound of their lamenting women! Take our ever growing armies and head East, East and sweep the vermin into the sea. The time of the human is no more and the pathetic gods that protect them are no longer interested in the affairs of men.

The Demon kingdom has a huge advantage in numbers, territory and wealth. A large number of specialist units make this faction very hard to beat. The only real danger will come if the other factions unite to destroy you so you must move swiftly!

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…Just when you thought it was safe to enter into aggressive dynastic struggles in the orient…