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09 October 2006

Akagi Clan

The Akagi Clan are a proud warrior dynasty steeped in centuries of tradition and pride. They see themselves as superior in every quality to their neighbours and in some ways they are right. Centuries of warrior training are matched only by a devotion to the arts but will decades of peace take their toll? Traditional enemies are the Mongol tribes but historically the Akagi Clan have also encroached on Choson territory and invaded the Zhuanshi lands. Now a new threat is coming from the west and the Clan must once more call in the samurai and raise a mighty army to defeat the demon hordes. Old enemies must become new allies or new dominions if the clan is to survive. Great honour is there for the taking and great heroes to be made.

The Akagi Clan has a good starting position and has a strong selection of unit types but it must choose it's course wisely. Rapid expansion is likely to bring hostility from Neighbouring kingdoms but it is a necessity in the face of a greater evil.

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…Just when you thought it was safe to enter into aggressive dynastic struggles in the orient…