Puts the L into Lotus

09 October 2006

Zensen Clan

The Zensen Clan are a young and idealistic faction. Having split from the Akagi Clan as little as fifty years ago they have developed rapidly and show an enthusiasm and drive their aging ancestors lack. They stress a return to intensive martial training, promoting the arts and education above ritualised ceremony. They are, however, still a small force on the continent and have so far sensibly avoided confrontation of any kind.

The Zensen Clan have a weak starting position. Their early relationship with the Akagi Clan will be extremely important in their development. They have a strong selection of unit types but may find themselves outnumbered in many a battle. This, however, will lead to far greater honour in victory... or a truly glorious death.

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…Just when you thought it was safe to enter into aggressive dynastic struggles in the orient…