Puts the L into Lotus

09 October 2006


In the plains of Krishnapur the centuries of peace and prosperity have built a glittering kingdom. Beautiful palaces and gold and jewelled elephants adorn the hillsides, the King is wise and the people are contented. It is truly the fabled Shangri la. But something is stirring, messengers from the West report evil tidings. In the opium haze strange shapes emerge from the spirit plane. It is time to unlock the armoury, call the mahouts and the fakirs and bring forth the great white elephant for war!

Krishnapur has a strong starting position. Rich fertile plains and forests provide a good income and the lands are protected to the north by impassable mountains. However it is her strengths that may prove to be her undoing. Across the mountains strong martial factions are building and they are coming for the fabled gold of Krishnapur.

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…Just when you thought it was safe to enter into aggressive dynastic struggles in the orient…